Divisions - and Other Possibilities

HELSINKI CONTEMPORARY, Southern Finland, Helsinki, 06/07/2014 - 07/06/2014


Welcome to the preview of Hans Rosenström’s exhibition Divisions - and Other Possibilities. Hans Rosenström’s exhibition, an installation in a space and from a space, opens onFriday 6th of June at 5pm-7pm. You are invited to see the exhibition in a preview a night before the opening, on Thursday 5th June at 5pm-8pm or by appointment on Friday. On Thursday the artist will be present and there will be discussion and drinks. 

The exhibition consists of two parts. The gallery space is transformed in a light installation, and active intervention that changes the function of the space. It is an open, new and strange, even fantastic space which created by light and light fixtures a unique and special experience.

In the gallery back room, the office, a sound installation, video work and drawings are displayed. The back room is experienced one at a time, the viewer faces the works and space alone.

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