Jukka Korkeila: In Exile - I look for the life of the world to come

Helsinki Contemporary, Southern Finland, Helsinki, 01/10/2014 - 02/02/2014

Mannerheimintie 3 B


Jukka Korkeila’s exhibition at Helsinki Contemporary is a multi-part whole combining painting, installation and drawings. A common, unifying factor is the painting as an integrated spatial whole that creates movement, a zone of experience, between the viewer and the works. This is a coherent whole of which we can confidently, with pride even, say: It is more than the sum of its parts.

In Exile – I look for the life of the world to come consists of distinct spaces that use several different techniques and means of expression. Both the spaces and the chosen means serve the actualization of the painting, its fragile yet powerful sensibility. The whole thing is divided spatially into an installation that uses both concepts and posters, in a painting made directly onto the wall, and in a space constituted by and through paintings and drawings.

The exhibition continues Jukka Korkeila’s artistic development, in both its themes and its use of space. In Exile – I look for the life of the world to come exists in and is bound up with a back-and-forth exchange with Korkeila’s I don’t belong solely to myself exhibition held in the same space in autumn 2011.

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