Fluid Street – alone, together

Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Southern Finland, Helsinki, 05/09/2008 - 09/21/2008

Mannerheiminaukio 2


In the tenth anniversary exhibition, features of street life are used as a subject for art, as a back-ground, as material and as a setting for events. A street is a social space, an everyday life situation and as such, a key target of interest for contemporary art – nomadic by nature, contemporary art is constantly on the lookout for new settings, contexts and audiences. The Fluid Street exhibition also sheds light on the performance space, the public presence of art and on public spaces from two different perspectives. On display in the museum is art, where streets have a number of different roles, while the museum itself still maintains its own character. At the same time, there will be performances, events and interventions at the museum, in the Kiasma Theatre and in the surrounding streets and elsewhere in town. Streets belong to a city. The sixteen artists of the anniversary exhibition wander the streets of Madrid, Istanbul, Vienna, São Paulo, Copenhagen, New York, Berlin, Guangzhou, St Petersburg and Helsinki examining, interpreting and working the endlessly flowing moments of a street. The Fluid Street exhibition works on a metaphorical level that provides encounters and experiences as well as on a theoretical level where we can contemplate the times we live in, both from the perspective of the individual and collectively. Providing things to see, experience and think about, the Fluid Street exhibition is curated by Maaretta Jaukkuri. Members of the curatorial exhibition team include Jari-Pekka Vanhala, Taru Tappola, Satu Metsola, Leevi Haapala, Riitta Aarniokoski and Kaija Kaitavuori. The exhibition catalogue is edited by Taru Tappola.

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