Daily Lazy Projects, Attiki, Athens, 04/04/2017 - 05/14/2017

Sina 6 & Vissarionos 9


Daily Lazy Projects inaugurates its new Athens space with *bang! an exhibition of work by Greek and Cypriot artists Lito Kattou, Irini Miga, Tula Plumi and Natalie Yiaxi.
Opening: 7−10pm April 4, 2017
7:45pm: Performance “Saliva: Frenzied Chirping” by artist Lukas Hofmann, curated by Cathryn Drake, human resources by Hara Kiri, garments by Stefanie Biggel
10pm: After-party with DJ Yorgia Karidi at Efimerida, Sina 6, Athens 10680
Duration: April 4−May 14, 2017
For information and hours: www.daily-lazy.com
To make an appointment: dailylazy@live.com
Address: Daily Lazy Projects, Sina 6 & Vissarionos 9 (entrance), Athens 10680
In *bang! four artists explore narrative performativity in the relationship of objects to physical space. Tampering with our understanding of process, time, and space, the sculptural artworks embody situations focusing on issues of duration, procedure, and action while expressing a sense of origin and completion as in a dinner, a story, or a game. From beginning to the end, from subject to object, *bang! redirects the narrative back to its starting point, to a moment of disruption, or simply to its inevitable conclusion.
Lukas Hofmann’s performance will comprise a network of improvisational collective interactions and movements through the space, igniting primal human connections and producing a ritualistic romantic metanarrative that disrupts perception of the other and the tendency to navigate society on autopilot. 
“One fine morning I awoke to discover that during the night I had learned how to understand the language of birds. I have listened to them ever since. They say: Look at me! Or Get out of here! Or Let’s fuck! Or Help! Or Hurrah! Or I found a worm! And that’s all they say. And that, when you boil it down, is about all we say.” —Hollis Frampton
Founded in 2011, Daily Lazy is a collective directed by artists based in Athens, Berlin, and New York. The team also publishes the independent art blog www.daily-lazy.com. The inauguration of Daily Lazy Projects marks the beginning of a two-year series of exhibitions and events showcasing the work of both local and international artists in Athens.

The Daily Lazy Projects space is sponsored by Efimerida café-bar. 

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