The Breeder Projects, Athens, Attiki, Athens, 01/17/2013 - 02/23/2013

Evmorfopoulou 6


A trailblazing pioneer of gay and trans rights, Paola Revenioti is an activist and a prostitute. Walking alone in downtown Athens with her poodle Lucy she scans and caresses the underworld, constantly looking for subjects for her next Youtube documentary (www.youtube.com/thepaolaproject ). The sum of her activities is what we understand today as the practice of a contemporary artist. But in the early 80′s, when she began publishing her groundbreaking trans-anarchist fanzine Gaybashing (Το Κράξιμο): interviewing Felix Guattari next to the nightly accounts of a street hustler, that was just unheard of.

In January 2013, The Breeder will present Paola Revenioti’s first solo exhibition. Her photοgraphic and video archive will be presented in an installation designed and curated by artist and architect Andreas Angelidakis.

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