Alexander Calder And Contemporary Art: Form, Balance, Joy

Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, Oklahoma, Durham, 02/16/2012 - 06/17/2012

2001 Campus Drive


Alexander Calder and Contemporary Art pairs some 34 masterworks by Alexander Calder with the work of seven contemporary artists whose practices are bound to Calder's legacy as modern sculptor. While a well-known, even beloved figure, Calder is not often considered an important point of reference for contemporary artists. 

This is the first exhibition to explore Calder's significance for an emerging generation of sculptors, reconsidering his influence and innovation through a presentation of his own work alongside the work of contemporary artists. The seven other artists in this exhibition-Martin Boyce, Nathan Carter, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Aaron Curry, Kristi Lippire, Jason Meadows and Jason Middlebrook-have taken important cues from Calder including a return to hands-on production, the creative reuse of materials and explorations of form, balance, color and movement. Both directly and indirectly influenced by Calder, all seven artists look toward modernist forms and ideas, challenging and recontextualizing what is for many a familiar art history. The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, organized the exhibition, which is accompanied by a fully-illlustrated catalogue.

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