VV.AA. Displays of Affection I: Cartografiar la memoria

Catalonia, Barcelona, 06/30/2017 - 09/15/2017

Passatge Mercader 18


The Galeria Estrany-de la Mota is pleased to present the group exhibition Displays of Affection I: Cartographing the Memory.

The project Displays of Affection uses the methodologies of dialectical conflict, in which new ideas emerge from the apparent collision of different images in order to construct a possible mapping of the lines of research of the Estrany-de la Mota gallery. This map is the result of a process of inventorying and cataloguing of the funds that has been carried out in the last year and a half in the gallery. This work in progress that allow us to discover new territories. This process has led to heterogeneous results very close to the archaeological proposals of visual knowledge by authors such as Georges Didi-Huberman, where the overlays of all these images allow endless cross-relations.

The project wants to emphasize the links that can be established between these images as well as reading these links with the tools provided in the “affective turn” coined by Patricia Clough. It pretends to rebuild the interstices between these images, paying special attention to the significance of affections. From visualizing all these affective links, we can rebuild a community, which is definitely the most faithful image of the gallery project.

The project Displays of Affection is conceived as two exhibition moments. The former works as cartography of the past that allows a balance of the trajectory (Cartographing the Memory), while the latter proposes a future hypothesis as a responsibility for its continuity (Imagine the Future). Both are understood as representations for the activation of ideas and relationships that enable the continuous enriching of the forthcoming future.

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