Rational Abstraction

Centro Galego de Art Contemporanea, Galicia, Santiago De Compostela, 02/25/2011 - 05/08/2011

Valle Inclán


Curator: Mariano Navarro Artists:Richard Aldrich, José Loureiro, Nico Munuera and Juan Uslé One of the primary aspects of these artists, who do not make up a group or an organized collective, nor pretend to do so, is that they coincide in creating beautiful works, a quality sometimes argued and even negated as such in the times we live, but which continues to be one of the strong and not exhausted points of its practice.
The exhibit Rational Abstraction brings together the works of four painters of different nationalities in different formats and techniques, and using different frameworks. In alphabetical order they are Richard Aldrich from the United States, José Loureiro from Portugal and the Spaniards Nico Munuera and Juan Uslé.

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Richard Aldrich

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