Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei, Sachsen, Leipzig, 04/29/2017 - 05/19/2017

Spinnereistraße 7


Opening: 29.04. 15:00
Werkschau / Halle 12, Spinnerei, Leipzig
The interdisciplinary group exhibition starts with a reading by three young writers: Dorothee Elmiger, Kenah Cusanit & Lina Morawetz will be reading their essays, poems and prose in an installation built by artist collective Situation Room as part of Acting Out #5 – in collaboration with literary magazine EDIT!
29.04. | 18:00 Reading with Dorothee Elmiger,
Kenah Cusanit & Lina Morawetz
11.05. | 19:00 Reading with Maren Kames & Johanna Maxl
18.05. | 19:00 Guided walk through the exhibition
Reading with Pascal Richmann & Peter Lünenschloß
Artists and writers: Alex Lebus, Dorothee Elmiger, Felix Leffrank, Jakub Šimčik, Johanna Maxl, Kenah Cusanit, Lina Morawetz, Maren Kames, Nicolás Rupcich, Pascal Richmann, Peter Lünenschloß, Stefanie Schröder, Situation Room, Yvon Chabrowski.
Curated by: Felix Leffrank, Jakub Šimčik, Johanna Maxl and Nicolás Rupcich.
In the exhibition's title we express our ambition: to break up and replace established narratives. We examine the production of identity through advertisement, mass media and digital imagery. Our videos, literary works and installations throw an inquiring gaze upon the closed narrative – the surface of an image, supposed binarities, the construction of an identity, media messages. The questioning of the medium is an integral part of our works.
OPEN THE NARRATIVE is the first larger exhibit to merge the works of young contemporary writers and artists from Leipzig at the Spinnerei, and hopefully not the last. A growing fusion of the disciplines has been clearly noticeable in the cultural production in Leipzig during the past couple of years. In literature through a distancing from the novel in its classical form and a growing interest in experimental forms and intermedia. In art through an increased thematization of narratives and text, particularly in video and photography. The exhibition wants to give this hybrid culture a platform.
A project of Initiative Wort & Bild e.V.

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