Space Chase

galerie magnus müller, Berlin, Berlin, 11/19/2007 - 01/15/2008

Weydingerstrasse 10-12


Originally, the act of hunting was necessary for basic survival; in ancient high culture hunting was seen as a divine culture, and later it was preserved for the upper or ``privileged`` class. Today, producers of culture hunt for the understanding, the enlargement and sometimes also the restriction of space. There are the hunters and the hunted, driven by self-determination and transformation. Therefore, nothing seems more obvious than to highlight in the exhibition the concept of chasing space and its respective presentation of the artworks, creating together a dynamic tension within the space. How is the architectural space related to the evolving and illusive space, and the space of language and thought? How is the structure of the space related to the ideal room? Which space produces what emotion? Three artists have been invited to work with the magnus muller gallery space: With his installation, Tilman Wendland hides Poelzig`s gallery window frames painted in red; Geka Heinke creates a site specific painting of a three-dimensional object on the gallery wall; Jennifer Jordan works with the concept of gravity in her work. In addition to the artworks mentioned above, ten other artists` works are presented in the exhibition, further emphasizing and intensifying the tension within the space. Mladen Bizumic and Jeannette Fabis explore the relationship between black and white and the concept of written language. With his piece, Ole Martin Lund Bo highlights the process of understanding one`s own world. Many of his works are characterized by the liberation of structure and the intellectual use of signs; this process one can also be found in Lucas Lenglet`s sculpture and Jens Wolf`s paintings. Alexander Lieck deals with the tension created between the construction and the destruction of space. Albert Weis and Tolia Astakhishvili / Dylan Pierce present folded papers representing the physical manipulation of space and the dynamic tension within it. While Gerry Bibby condenses and transforms the concept of time and history in his collages, Wolfgang Breuer in his space chase is especially fascinated with social dimensions.

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