Jan Koch, Tillman Kaiser, Dannielle Tegeder, Klaus- Martin Treder

Galerie Jette Rudolph, Berlin, Berlin, 02/08/2008 - 03/08/2008

Zimmerstrasse 90-91


What means abstraction in painting? The fact, that the references to nature are annuled or the paintning agreeds upon the minimum of intersection concerning depictions? Comparable with the alchemists long days ago, appearences, aspects, elements and forms are pulverized, reduced and merged to be banished on the medium with the claim to its own subjectivism- its own truth. The kaleidoscopesque images of Tillman Kaiser (*1972 i. Graz; living i. Wien) consist of precise forms and colors, visualized on its long and lateral axises. The paintings spellbind never forgotten memories to indulge in a mixture of brittleness, sentimentality and self-irony. Repeatedly black- and- white imprints of motifs like bees or heads appear in multi-mirrored and rotated prisms of colors and forms. The legibility, which merge into an abstract composition is eliminated into a seemingly psychologic world of obsession beyond time, in other words: wandering along the painting the recipient feels on the brick of reality like Alice in Wonderland. Jan Koch (*1978 i. Mönchengladbach, living in Berlin) reduces his small and larged scaled painings to the underlying element of geometry- the point. Through this detail he refers to physical and christian- mythological coherences, the symbolization of the beginning and the infinity. The monochrome character of colors are applied layer by layer, while the upper layers are partial taken off by chlorine. Comparable to Tapies, the chemical process of different materials evokes the perception of time, because all light is absorbed on the painting´s surface. Koch´s sculptures of “fontains” reflect the highly symbolic question for the origin of being. Dannielle Tegeder (*1971 i. Peekskill, living i. NYC) perpetuates the continuation of the abstract idea into fine lined drawings of construction. Based on mathematical formulas and futuristic architecture the artist generates an utopic and imaginative microcosm, which refers through its scetchilly character on paper to prototyps of modern art like Kandinsky, Klee and to the experimental constructions of Zaha Hadid. Drawing as an individually hand writing on paper is a fragile medium, reflecting the relationship between image and recipient, while annulement of patterns of perception is placed to the transitoriness of the medium. Klaus- Martin Treder´s (*1961 i. Biberach, living i. Berlin) paintings abstract and stylize the formalism of logo and product design through precalculated works, which are based on arithmetical analyses of color value and organic forms. The facilities of color expression in black, white, grey and lemon yellow, but also the creamy application of paint are consciously combined with the choice of the picture carrier like aluminum, canvas or wooden panel to evoke an optic effect of reflection of light. The superficial gestural and expressive kind of paintings becomes an estimation to leave the two- dimensional level behind.

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