Koki TANAKA 田中功起

Los Angeles, California, USA
APT Beijing
Artist Social Media
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  • Visitors to Frieze New York’s VIP preview didn’t seem to know quite how to handle the firefighter holding court near the south end of the tent.

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  • The Frieze Projects program of specially commissioned artworks to be realized at Frieze New York 2014 has been announced. The program for 2014 is curated by Cecilia Alemani and includes seven newly commissioned projects. Frieze New York is located in the unique setting of Randall’s Island Park, Manhattan, overlooking the East River.

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  • Koki Tanaka had been living in L.A. for just two years when the Tohoku earthquake hit Japan on March 11 last year, triggering the devastating

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  • Japanese Art from APT Collection at Daiwa Foundation London 

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  • Yokohama Triennale 2011, the fourth installment of this large-scale art event, differs from its predecessors in that it is being held primarily

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  • Koki Tanaka, Artist Pension Trust member and participant in the APT organized exhibition "Acting Out of Nothingness" at the Daiwa Foundation Japan House in London, here talks about his project for the Japanese Pavilion at the 2013 Venice Biennale and how he isn't an artist but rather considers himself a coordinator or maker of situations.

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  • Two exciting exhibitions are slated to open in Europe next week, “CAUTION! THINGS MAY APPEAR DIFFERENT THAN THEY ARE” at Nuremberg’s AufAEG, and “Acting out of Nothingness” at the Daiwa Foundation Japan House in London. Although incredibly different exhibitions, each show deals with the concept of individual experience in its own way. But the more common thread uniting the two shows is that the artworks comprising each curatorial vision...

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  • In this charming show at the Box, L.A. artist Koki Tanaka playfully questions assumptions about art’s place and function.

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  • The names just keep coming! The latest country to put forward its representative for the 2013 Venice Biennale is Japan, which announced

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  • This dynamic exhibition of 34 artists offers an expansive view of contemporary practices: from sculptures whose abject aesthetic challenges commodity,

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  • The Japan Foundation have announced that the media artist Koki Tanaka will represent Japan at the 2013 Venice Biennale. The commissioner

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  • Echoing the choice of Koki Tanaka — a conceptual artist — for the Japanese pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale this year, “Why Not Live For Art? II:

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Born in 1975, Koki Tanaka lives and works in Tokyo and in Los Angeles.

The artist mainly produces video and installation, many of which are developed
site-specifically. He often deals with everyday commodities and surroundings, and recently has put more focus on everyday people’s behavior with his conceptual approach and subtle control, in order to create a visual sphere that challenges the mundane and the rational embedded in the minds of the viewers. In doing so, he lets the work entice them into a spontaneous aesthetic experience.
He has shown widely in and outside Japan: at the Mori Art Museum (Tokyo),
Yokohama triennale (Yokohama), the Palais de Tokyo (Paris), the Taipei Biennial
(Taipei), the Asia Society (New York), the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San
Francisco), the Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles), and the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London). 
Before graduating from the Tokyo University of Arts, Tanaka was Artist in Residence
at Location One, New York with a support of Asian Cultural Council (ACC) fellowship.
On the recommendation of Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Tanaka was awarded the
Fellowship of Overseas Study Programme for Artists by the Agency for Cultural
Affairs by the Japanese Government.
Tanaka was honored by being chosen to represent Japan at the 2013 Venice
Biennale, where he plans to use elements of the March 2011 Tohoku Earthquake
and Tsunami as a theme for the installation.
Koki Tanaka is represented by AOYAMA | MEGURO, Tokyo and Vitamin Creative