Alicia Paz

London, United Kingdom
APT Mexico City
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Alicia Paz (b. Mexico City) lives and works in London. Paz graduated from U.C. Berkeley, ENSBA-Paris, Goldsmiths College, and Royal College of Art, London. She participated in the exhibition Nous nous sommes tant aimés, at ENSB-A, Paris in 1999, as well as in Continental Shift at the Ludwig Forum, Aachen, Germany (2000). Her work was part of John Moores 24, Liverpool Biennial in 2006, and was also featured in East International 2004 in Norwich, England, selected by Neo Rauch and G. Harry Liebke. She has had several solo exhibitions in France, Mexico, and Argentina, most recently at L.A.C. Sigéan in collaboration with FRAC Languedoc-Roussillon, as part of Casanova Fort et Vert (2010). Other recent solo projects include Dukan & Hourdequin Gallery in Marseilles (2008), Houldsworth Projects, London (2006) and Ruth Benzacar Gallery in Buenos Aires (2005). Her work has been the subject of various catalogues and publications and has been reviewed internationally (Art News, Art Press, Modern Painters, Art Forum, The Guardian, Le Monde). A solo presentation of her recent works on paper is scheduled for Drawing Now Paris 2012, with gallery Dukan Hourdequin.


Recent solo shows include:Blyth Gallery, Arts Imperial, Imperial College, London, UK (2016) ; Garden of Follies, Kunstmueseum Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen, Magdeburg, Germany (2015); Garden of Follies, Galerie Dukan, Leipzig, Germany (2014); Garden of Follies, Instituto de México & Galerie Dukan, Paris, France (2013); Drawing Now, galerie dukan hourdequin, Paris (2012).


Over several years, Alicia Paz has explored the tension between artifice/ illusion and the veracity of actual processes involved in painting, exposing the duplicitous nature of representation. At present her aim is to research, through the idiosyncrasies of her medium, whether a multiplicity of languages, styles, quotations and mannerisms can be explored simultaneously, ‘harnessed and liberated’ in such a way as to render them poignant vehicles for her own subjective reflection on identity. Paz dwells on notions of disjunction, hybridity, assemblage and metamorphosis.

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