To Repel Ghosts

Piemonte, Turin, 02/17/2017 - 04/21/2017

via mazzini 24


In 1986 Jean-Michel Basquiat painted To Repel Ghosts. Holding the opening of an exhibition with the same name on Friday, February 17th, 2017 at 17:00 conjures up the ‘apotropaic’ power of the word. An exhibition, dedicated to ghosts just could not do without such opportune powers.

For many years I have hunted down and collected photographs of ghosts. These pieces now form the core of this show that provides a kaleidoscopic picture of this uncanny environment. The show includes early examples of this type of work dating back to the late Romantic period and nineteenth century before bringing us right up to date. The variety of documents exhibited, including photographs, books, paintings and installations, whether they be the ingenious fruit of a renowned artist or the experiments of an outlandish eccentric (more often than not they are anonymous works), are all animated by the same passion for the unknowable and that feeling of awe inspired by what is dark and unexplainable.

The exhibition To Repel Ghosts is a bold attempt to probe this immense territory and serves as a brief introduction to the complex history and symbolic world of ghosts. It will include a detailed guide to help visitors understand more about events, places and biographies, and fathom the extraordinary accounts of spirits.

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