Supposing layers of silence

spazioK, Toscana, Prato, 11/07/2015 - 11/24/2015

via Santa Chiara 38/2, 59100 Prato


APT artists Jeremiah Day, Jacopo Miliani and Francesca Banchelli participating in a Performance Program

7, 13, 24 November 2015 each time at 7.30 pm

Perform: Supposing layers of silence is an invitation to experience and share three performances of artists that have strong connection to Tuscany - having been born, raised or based here. These works have been presented internationally - in London and Stockholm - but this program is the first public moment of these projects in Italy. The program is born from a collaboration between Villa Romana and Kinkaleri/is it my world?, and comes from their shared dedication to presenting contemporary cultural production, in this case the special charachter of works occupying the intersection between visual art and dance.

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