Foreshadowing the Past

The Israeli Center of Digital Art, Tel Aviv District, Holon, 10/02/2010 - 10/10/2010

16th Yirmiyahu Street


Works in this exhibition offer a trek along an imaginary time-line that stretches between re-enacting and pre-enacting, between re-visiting and speculating, in the context of Israel. The artists allow us to imagine the future through re-enactments of past events or through speculations on future events by pre-enacting them. In both cases the image of the future is based on the past thus creating a loop that disables any free speculation of the future that is not connected to past experiences.

As a messianic movement, Zionism based its claims over the land of Palestine on the idea of re-enactment. It is through the re-enactment of biblical times, by the “return” of the Jews to the land of Israel, that the Zionist vision of the future was shaped. This endless game of time travel is present in the way the art works in this exhibition imagine the future.

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Yael Bartana

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