Blanca De la torre


Blanca de la Torre  (León, 1977)


Since August 2009, Blanca de la Torre has been a Curator at the ARTIUM Museum-Centre of Contemporary Art in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, Spain.  She has been a curator of big scale exhibitions  like Diálogos; Video(S)torias;  Piel de Gallina. Regina José Galindo;  Let’s Spit on the Genius; Time of Emergencies; Montage of Attractions; Of More Than One Voice, Katarina Zdjelar, as well as director of projects like Biting the Hand that Feeds you, From Here to Everywhere, Profiling Postcity, UN (inverse), Deals, Shapes and Void, Midnight in the City, Santiago Sierra No Global Tour, Esther Ferrer, Ignasi Aballi.

At ARTIUM she also started PRAXIS, a series of experimental projects as an alternative module to the annual programme. The projects are founded on the notion of improvisation and underpinned by values such as the recycling process, the relational and above all direct action and DIY culture.  Projects that were curated under the PRAXIS program: Súper HéroEuskalduntzarra. Vicente y Fernando Roscubas; Jacobo Castellano. El mantel y el telón;  Detente. Avelino Sala; BlueSky-VGA… y el factor suerte. Francisco Ruiz de Infante; Uncover RECOVER - Robert Waters; Pradera constructivista y deconstructivista, vista desde el sofá de la casa con los pies sobre la mesa. Wilfredo Prieto; Detrás, al final de la comparsa. Itziar Barrio; Paperophanies. Jenny Marketou; Construyendo la interminable ruina del mundo - Juanli Carrión; Illusion-Disillusion-David Maroto, Deambular, Eltono. Motor Motor, Beatriz Olabarrieta; Guillem Bayo, Sequence Oscillator Filter Armchair; Elena Aitzkoa, Mujer primitiva.

She has also curated outdoor projects like GREY FLAG, a series of banners commissioned to artists for the exterior façades of the museum and MUTATIS MUTANDIS, Site-specific projects commissioned to some artists in order to activate collateral spaces of the museum.

Previously in 2004, she received a fellowship at the MUSAC Museum, in León and in 2006 collaborated with the First Singapore Biennale. During those years she also curated projects internationally, standing out La Mano de Dios at Mirta Demare Gallery Rotterdam, The ArtHaus , Miami, Corporal Landscapes, White Box, New York, Peekskill Project, HVCCA, New York, The Promised Land, Chelsea Art Museum, New York, The Pathologies of the Turist Experience, Pist Space, Istanbul and CuraBodrum, Turkey, Celluloid Dreams, Eagle Theatre and Y Gallery, New York, Critical Engagements, The Project Room for New Media of the CAM Museum, New York, Et in Arcadia Ego, Thornton Room, New York, Comunicationisms, 10ª Havana Biennale, All that is Solid Melts into Air. Alternative Revolutions, The Threeshold of the Noosphere, Tina B Festival of Contemporary Art of Prague, Prague Welcome to the New Paradise, White Box, Governors Island and Brooklyn, New York, Atlas Shrugged, White Box, New York, Off The Street, A Foundation, London.