Kanako SASAKI 佐々木加奈子

Sendai, Japan
APT Beijing
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  • Japanese Art from APT Collection at Daiwa Foundation London 

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Kanako Sasaki was born in Sendai, Japan in 1976. Sasaki's work concerns idea of displacement in the contemporary era. She documents through photography the world changing rapidly in the midst of consumerism, and the disparate yet interconnected narratives of various people and groups. She suses the camera to interweave her imagination and the stories of others. At the same time, we age no matter what. In her work she attempts to convey the psychology and emotion of her subjects.

Sasaki's solo exhibtions include “Okinawa Ark” Singapore FRINGE festival, National museum of Singapore (2011); “Wanderlust” Dina Mitrani gallery, Miami (2010); "Okinawa Ark for the photo month" at Simon I. Patino Cultural center, La Paz Bolivia (2009); "Drifted" at MA2 gallery, Tokyo Japan (2009); "UKIYO" at Guardian Garden, Tokyo Japan (2008); "Passionate Attitudes" Center for Photography at Woodstock, NY (2006); Photo Plus Expo, PDN Exhibition, Javits Center New York, USA (2006); “Fusentowata and Kanako Sasaki” Vienna, Austria (2006); and "View from Here," Main Gallery, Light Work, Syracuse, NY (2005).

Some of her notable group exhibitions include Art Miyagiî The Miyagi Museum of Art, Miyagi Japan (2011); Watashi/tachi Suwako Art Festival screening, Nagano, Japan (2010); ìTokyo Storyî, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo (2010); "Water" at Dina Mitrani gallery, Miami USA (2009); "War and Art -terror and simulacurum of beauty- " at galerie Aube, Kyoto Art, Kyoto Japan (2009); "Landscape Lululu" at Shizuoka Perfecture museum of Art, Shizuoka Japan (2008); “As if we seek the light in the dark”, Raku gallery at Kyoto Design and Art University, Kyoto, Japan (2006); “Artist in Residence 2006” Kunstraum Palais Porcia, Vienna, Austria (2006);  "Joint Venture", Richard Nelson Gallery, LA (2006); and ”Blameless” at Visual Art Gallery, Chelsea, NY (2005).

Among her accomplishments are the Shiseido Art Egg Award (2008); inclusion in PDN's "30 Emerging Photographers to Watch" , NY

 (2006); ITS Four International Talent Support MINI Photo Award Finalist, Trieste, Italy (2005); 
The Golden Light Award for Personal Documentary, The Workshop, Maine, USA (2004); Winner of Women in Photography International 20th Anniversary Juried Exhibition (2001).

Sasaki has been the recipient of residencies and grants including the Asahi Shinbun (Asahi Newspaper) Grant and a participant of Rondo Artist in Residence (2013), Graz Austria Pola art foundation (2011); Tokyo-Paris exchange residency at Le CENTQUATRE, Paris (2010); MoKS artist residency, Mooste, Estonia (2009);  Baer Residency, Iceland (2008); Woodstock A-I-R, residency for artists of color working in the photographic art, Woodstock, NY (2007); Bundeskanzleramt Kunst, Residency in Vienna, Austria (2006-7); Light Work’s Artist-in-Residency program, Syracuse, NY
 (2005); and the George Krause Scholarship (Univ. of Houston) (2001).

Sasaki received a BA in journalism from Ithaca College in 2001 and completed her M.A. in Photo, Video and Related Arts from the School of Visual Arts, NY. She attended the Royal Collage of Art in London from 2006-2007.

Kanako Sasaki is currently represented by Dina Mitrani Galleryand Gallery 10G, NY.