Motohiro TOMII 富井大裕

Tokyo, Japan
APT Beijing
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  • Japanese Art from APT Collection at Daiwa Foundation London 

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  • Two exciting exhibitions are slated to open in Europe next week, “CAUTION! THINGS MAY APPEAR DIFFERENT THAN THEY ARE” at Nuremberg’s AufAEG, and “Acting out of Nothingness” at the Daiwa Foundation Japan House in London. Although incredibly different exhibitions, each show deals with the concept of individual experience in its own way. But the more common thread uniting the two shows is that the artworks comprising each curatorial vision...

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Motohiro Tomii (b. 1973 Niigata, Japan) currently lives and works in Tokyo.

Selected solo shows include: combine-still-, Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjuku, Tokyo (2013), Clothes, switch point, Tokyo (2012), taking bump, switch point, Tokyo (2011), Placing Colors and Shapes, Radi-um von Röntgenwerke AG,Tokyo (2011), Table of Pencils, switch point,Tokyo (2010), Motohiro Tomii, works, NADiff a/p/a/r/t,Tokyo (2010), catch as catch can, GENDAI HEIGHTS Gallery DEN, Tokyo (2010), New works, switch point,Tokyo (2009), Paper works, Art Center OnGoing,Tokyo (2009), copy boy, Gallery Gen, Tokyo (2009), Time to See, switch point, Tokyo (2008), Color and form in usual objects, Play Room (Toru Nakazaki + Mizuki Endo), Ibaraki (2008)

Tomii exhibited group shows at : G-tokyo 2013, Tokyo Midtown Hall, Tokyo (2013), Porallax is Plotted, FAL (Musashino Art University Building No. 2 1F), Tokyo (2012), Water and Land – Niigata Art Festival, Niigata City, Niigata (2012), 1st Exhibition AGAIN-ST, Tokyo Zokei University, CS Gallery, Tokyo (2012), TOKYO FRONTLINE 2012, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo (2012), Okayama Art Corridor, Okayama Korakuen Garden,Okayama (2011), Re-Modernologio phase2: Observation and notation, Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori (2011), Tokorozawa Biennial of Contemporary Art SIDING RAIL ROAD 2011, Tokorozawa City Lifelong Learning Promotion Center, Former Tokorozawa School Lunch Center Number Two,Saitama (2011), Yokohama Triennale ‘Our Magic Hour’ How much of the world can we know?, Yokohama Museum of Art, NYK-Waterfront Warehouse (BankART Studio NYK) and the surrounding areas, Kanagawa (2011), MOT Annual 2011 Nearest Faraway, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo,Tokyo (2011), The 1st Tokorozawa Biennial of Contemporary Art -SIDING RAIL ROAD 2009, Seibu Railway Old Tokorozawa Vehicle Plant, Saitama (2009)

Tomii graduated from Musashino Art University in 1997 and completed his postgraduate study at the university in 1999.  Awards include The 4th contest for the best contemporary art work 2000 Grand Prix (1999).

Motohiro Tomii is currently represented by Yumiko Chiba Associates.