Ariel Schlesinger

Berlin, Germany
APT Berlin
Artist Social Media
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  • Ariel Schlesinger’s Two Good Reasons (2015), presented by Galleria Massimo Minini (Brescia) at Art Basel Unlimited 2016, is a repeated choreographed movement between two large sheets of polypropylene.

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Ariel Schlesinger looks at our reality in a poetic way, deflecting everyday objects in some discrete subversion. With humor and in an offhand manner, he achieves to insufflate life to those objects, turning them away from their original purpose, shifting them through subtle transformations. His work creates a tension between the materiality of ordinary and used objects and their original purpose. He thus unveils the hidden potential of details we usually pay no attention to. His objects, often carrying somewhat of a trivial sense of reality, are getting to coexist and are sometimes played in poetic situations, where the distanced view of the art piece gives way to a feeling of menace, without any rationality. Some of his installations and sculptures show off some objects we assume are innocent, which in their situation and their association of potentially dangerous objects (gas bottle, broken glass pieces, flames…) unforeseeably provoke a strong emotional impact. The artist undeniably uses surprise, as well as the fascination people hold on fire, the explosions, as if the point was to highlight our deepest fears, our helplessness facing danger.


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